Es war ein kühler Abend in Dortmund. Am Horizonz der letzte Streifen der Sonne – über unseren Köpfen dunkle Wolken. Ein Regensturm zog heran. Es waren die Vorzeichen für den Sturm, den der BVB an Real Madrid vorbeiziehen lassen sollte.

I believe this is the first time, that I actually write a short tutorial on anything. Last days I got one of those mails again, asking how I recreated the Soulwax CD-cover some time ago. Since I am fairly lazy, I will now write a blog post on how to do this cover in Adobe Illustrator. You will be able to use this for printing purposes.

In early 2013 I was contacted by the coordinator of the school union of eastern Aachen to produce a corporate movie. These three individual schools are threatened to be closed due to lack of pupils. To counteract the closure, the headmasters decided to try out a concept of cooperating to grant their pupils better learning possibilities.