Management by openness

I’ve never actually told anyone what to do here. In fact, I vehemently refuse to tell people what to do. Here are just a couple reasons why:

  1. I don’t scale. If I tell someone what to do and they do it, then what? Do I have to tell them another thing to do? What happens when I have to decide what to do for 20 people?
  2. Telling people what to do is lazy. Instead, try to convince them with argument. This is how humans interact when there’s no artificial authority structure and it works great. If you can’t convince people through argument then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.

So if I don’t tell people what to do, then what purpose do I serve and what exactly do I do all day?

Ein schöner Ansatz wie Teamführung viel besser gehen könnte. Hört sich für mich erst mal sehr plausibel an und würde ich gern selbst mal ausprobieren oder miterleben.