08 Emotions – Pt. 2 Friskiness, Dec 2th, 2010


This time I would like to share a couple of songs which always make me dance around my flat and sing at the top of my lungs (my poor neighbors, I should really not be singing)! Anyways, no matter how bad I feel or how many bad things happened that day – when I hear one of these songs, it just gets to me and I forget about all of it…

Some of the songs remind me of special occasions, but the thing I most remember due to these songs is dancing all around my room in Italy with two close friends, all of us singing and jumping… We ended up laughing so hard we were crying (people who know me know that this happens to me quite a bit… but to those two, it doesn’t!)…

Enjoy, and maybe these songs will make you as frisky and happy as they make me!

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