10 Distraction, Jan 16th, 2011


How about some distraction?!

Distraction happens through lack of attention, lack of interest, a bigger interest in something else or special intensity, newness or desiribility of the object of distraction.

I just love “distraction”. Time and time again, it helps to leave things behind. Sometims, I catch myself being distracted.

My most frequent object of “tempation” being music. Regardless of where the music comes from – even what kind of music it is, for that matter – I am getting distracted. I am enjoying every tune I hear, humming, and taking every bit. In an instant, I created my lone, new world.

These songs aren’t just any songs, I caught somewhere in between. No! Every single one distracted me in their very own way. Be it sorrow, anger, boredom oder happiness; for a couple of minutes I am being taken on a journey. Give yourself a try!

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