05 Dance, Nov 7th, 2010


Dancing is a ritual, a tradition, a performing art, a profession, sports, a kind of therapy or simply an expression of emotion.

To me personally, dancing is something special; more than just a ritual or sport. It unites so many various aspects: rhythm, musical sense, trust, coordination and a sense of balance. In a fascinating manner dancing brings people together. It is contagious, exciting, emotional.

We dance, because it can change who we are – a motion to bring two together, a motion to believe in yourself, a motion to free a generation.

With this Kassettenkiste, I tried to merge the different songs that I associate with that topic. Each having it’s own story. Listen to the music and write your own story!

04 Emotions – Pt. 1 Heartache, Oct 31st, 2010


If you look up the word “emotion” on the internet, it says that an emotion is “the complex psychophysiological experience of an individual’s state of mind as interacting with biochemical (internal) and environmental (external) influences”.

To me, emotions are essential when it comes to music. Listening to certain songs, I could get angry, or sad, or I could dance all around my flat, as happy as a clam, singing at the top of my lungs. But it’s not just the melody of the song that arouses these emotions; to me, the lyrics are the most essential part. The memories linked to that song are of importance, too; maybe it reminds you of a certain moment or period of time in your life, of a person, or it just puts in words what you most needed to say – or all of these wrapped up into one, which is the case for the present playlist.

I plan on putting together different playlists displaying different emotions when it’s my turn (But please feel free to create your own “Emotions”-playlist, if you want to!). The emotion I wanted to portray in the first playlist is “Heartache”. These songs all mean a great deal to me, because they helped me cope with a bad break-up; listening to these songs, I still feel sad and blue, because I remember the way I felt while listening to them at that time, linking the lyrics – and thus the songs – with the emotions.

03 Memories, Oct 24th, 2010


The brain is the most amazing and complex organ in the human body. It consists of around 100 billion nerve cells that send and receive signals, and nearly 5000 billion helper cells that support the activity and survival of neurons. These cells allow us to remember the name of our first love or to create memories. Scientists have found that memories involve many regions of the brain that work together. Everybody has a little slice of heaven and can fill it up with special memories. Nowadays people are to busy to recall special memories. What is your happiest memory? Recall some of your memories…maybe it is a flower smell, a holiday pickup or a sunset with your first love…
Enjoy the music now and listen to some of my memories and maybe you can start creating some new memories for the rest of your life!

02 Something Classical, Oct 17th, 2010


This week, the playlist will be all about the violin in modern alternative music. Its magic power for catchy refrains or melody parts is inevitable. It can transfer sad moods as well as lightly songs rising your spirits to the very top. The band “The Verve” knew that of course and gave their song the appropiate name.
For Irish Folk Bands the Fiddle is such a common instruments that I have to let Flogging Molly slip into this week’s playlist twice to give credit to their great choice of instruments!
Two other uncommon bands put this uncommon instrument to such good work that they also made it into this week’s Kassettenkiste. Watch out for Friska Viljör’s and The Faint’s violine parts as they will not stop ringing in your ears for some days. Before Panic at the Disco make their appearance with their nice little outro song you will hear two lovesongs or at least one and a half, which also rely on the violins’ magic power.

01 Blank, Oct 10th, 2010


There are some times, when words come out wrong or just cannot express what you are thinking and feeling. It’s times like these you get to know yourself better – look out of the window at a rainy day, stand on a bridge with a close friend in your arm and watch the sun…

These songs resemble more than just songs without words. Some, I connect to very special moments in my life, others might as well do in the future. Every single song will raise different emotions within yourself. Enjoy!