30 Rain, 14. August 2011


Der Regen ist in diesem Sommer unser ständiger Begleiter. Eigentlich mag ich Regen, vor allem Sommerregen, der nach Sommer duftet und die Welt ein bisschen verzaubert. Leider ist das, was da im Moment ständig vom Himmel zu kommen scheint, kein schöner Sommerregen, und macht einen manchmal – ganz im Sinne der Wise Guys – grumpig. Aber nach dem Regen kommt die Sonne, und der Regen ist – wie man der Musik entnehmen kann – nicht immer negativ und schon gar nicht eintönig!

28, Three Years, 31. Juli 2011


Today’s mixtape is all about the chapter of my life I’m about to close. In these past three years, I’ve lived in three different cities, and I fell in love with all of them. This chapter was filled with laughter and with tears, with a lot of great moments, and a few bad ones – the ones that made me grow. Or even: made me grow up. When I think back to the first day of university and look at my life right now – I really did grow up.

The songs I’d like to share with you remind me of some moments or phases in those three years, and of the people I’ve met, who will hopefully be part of the chapters to come… Enjoy!

22 Crossroads, May 1st, 2011


I am afraid. Once again, I’m at a crossroads, and this is a huge one. Which road am I supposed to take? How long until I figure out it was the wrong turn? I would really love to take my time, but the system doesn’t work this way. Today, I have to choose the topic of my Bachelor’s thesis. No pressure at all, right? Tomorrow, I’ll meet with my professor to finalize it. Five weeks from now, I have a final oral examination in my major. Ten weeks from now, I should hand in my thesis. Twelve weeks from now, I have finals in my minor. And then I’m done, I graduated. The thing is: while life goes on and all these deadlines keep approaching, there are more important deadlines coming up: the ones for my master’s applications.

At this point, I have singled out about 20 universities because I can’t decide. Sure, some of these universities might reject me and thus make my decision easier. But that still doesn’t change the fact that I don’t know where I’ll end up. I don’t even know which country I will live in, come September. And life has taught me that, apart from my family, I don’t know for sure who will be there for me, and this scares the hell out of me…

18 Emotions Pt. 3 Affection, Mar 27th 2011


I guess everybody has had a crush on somebody. Sometimes this crush turns out to be a crash; sometimes it turns out to be the beginning of something more. I don’t want to call this emotion of crushing on someone love, because I don’t think it’s really love; it’s rather affection, which might, if you’re lucky, turn out to be love in the end. It’s not always easy to not shut down emotionally, especially if your track record shows more crashes than anything else; but in the end, you can’t go on forever trying to block your emotions.

15 Bologna, Feb 20th, 2011


Everybody knows how music can make you remember places and feelings – this week, I decided to present you with the songs that remind me of Bologna and of places I visited while I lived there, because I’m really homesick for “La Rossa” – especially because I had an invitation to go there this weekend to celebrate one of my friends’ birthday, and it would have been great to see everybody again – but my exams are keeping me from going.
These songs remind me of my roommate’s and my trip to Sicily, where we toured the whole Island with a Fiat, of the times we spent at our favorite place for Latte Macchiato, of the times we spent sitting on our windowsill late at night, taking in the warm summer breeze, talking about our lives and our futures.