26 Boardmix, July 17th, 2011


Die Lieder der heutigen Playlist sind meine ständigen Begleiter, wenn ich auf dem Snow- oder Longboard stehe. Sie sind die Helfer die alles anderes ausschalten, so dass man das fahren einfach genießen kann ohne andere störende Gedanken. Da ist es mir ausnahmsweise auchmal vollkommen egal was so gesungen wird. Hauptsache das Feeling stimmt!

20 Don’t wanna be here! Don’t wanna do this, anymore!, Apr 17th, 2011


It is so annoying when you have to act in a certain manner because it is expected of you. I’m sure everybody experienced a situation where their actions, words and mimic were the exact opposite of your real feelings. Many times you just wish you want be somewhere else right now or you just want to run away from all that stuff like ended relationships, boring parties or just everythings thats bad in the world in general.

But simply running away is no satisfying solution. Pay attention to the last two songs for an alternative.

16 Anti-Emo, Mar 13th, 2011


Not everything we experience in our lives is good. There will always be bad days, things we mess up or just bad luck. The message from this week’s playlist is: don’t let these things get you down! Don’t fret about the small injustices or things that went wrong. It is wasted energy and who knows what you miss while you sit at home and grumble. So you will notice songs that tell you that you aren’t the only one who has some bad times, songs that tell you to carry on and accept your fate and songs that will help you to lift your mood.

12 Summer, Jan 30th, 2011


Imagine a warm summer day. You just wake up in the early evening after a short powernap. You’ve spent the whole day at the Lake, played some Beachvolleyball and went swimming.

Now its time to mount your bike. While you are driving to the Barbecue party the exhaustions from the day turns into the purest feeling of satisfaction mixed with anticipation. At the Barbecue you meet some really old friends you havent seen in a while. There is much to talk about and a lot more to laugh about.

As the evening continues the mood shifts slowly from mellow to party, this will be a great night.

07 With bricks in our hands we sing for a change!, 28th Nov, 2010


This week it is time for Revolution and Change. Question everything somebody else is telling you! Politics, Religions and even what your parents tell you to do – still it’s your choice and also your responsibility. Sum 41, Anti-Flag and AFI shake the fundaments of these two big forces. Do they really pursue goals we take benefit from or are they just trying to hold on their power as long as they can?
No matter what others tell you, you should stick to your own belief and opinion and don’t hesitate to fight for it as you could be the one who tips the scales. Of course it’s not all that easy in a world so confusing as ours and therefore the Bouncing souls sum it up pretty well with “never be anything less than free”!