23 Comfy, May 15th, 2011


Sometimes the weather doesn’t quite fit the season – gray sky, stormy winds, wet drops. The only thing you really want to do is chill on the sofa and listen to good music. You kind of take of to your own world let yourself be inspired, relaxed…
In my Kassettenkiste, you will find some tunes that inspire me on „one of these days“. That cheer me up and get me thinking. I do hope that my playlist distracts you from your rain and chilly weather. Get yourself comfy on the sofa!

14 Sing-A-Long, Feb 13th, 2011


Sounds familiar? Who doesn’t like to sing in the car? Everyone knows at least one embarassing occasion, when we sung from the top of our lungs to the song of the moment, when we were looked at as if we were retards.
I just love to chant, whistle or drum on the steering wheel to my sheer endless playlist of favorite songs, always thinking “Who cares… no one will see me anyway!”. Also, I tend to get in the mood of thinking and getting away from it all.
Go ahead and listen to my Kassettenkiste and chant, whistle and drum along!

10 Distraction, Jan 16th, 2011


How about some distraction?!

Distraction happens through lack of attention, lack of interest, a bigger interest in something else or special intensity, newness or desiribility of the object of distraction.

I just love “distraction”. Time and time again, it helps to leave things behind. Sometims, I catch myself being distracted.

My most frequent object of “tempation” being music. Regardless of where the music comes from – even what kind of music it is, for that matter – I am getting distracted. I am enjoying every tune I hear, humming, and taking every bit. In an instant, I created my lone, new world.

These songs aren’t just any songs, I caught somewhere in between. No! Every single one distracted me in their very own way. Be it sorrow, anger, boredom oder happiness; for a couple of minutes I am being taken on a journey. Give yourself a try!

05 Dance, Nov 7th, 2010


Dancing is a ritual, a tradition, a performing art, a profession, sports, a kind of therapy or simply an expression of emotion.

To me personally, dancing is something special; more than just a ritual or sport. It unites so many various aspects: rhythm, musical sense, trust, coordination and a sense of balance. In a fascinating manner dancing brings people together. It is contagious, exciting, emotional.

We dance, because it can change who we are – a motion to bring two together, a motion to believe in yourself, a motion to free a generation.

With this Kassettenkiste, I tried to merge the different songs that I associate with that topic. Each having it’s own story. Listen to the music and write your own story!